Sound is vibration ...

and vibration can be absorbed by the human ears through sound waves traveling through the air.


But these vibrations can also be perceived by the human body through the skin, body tissue and bones.

***Remark: Sonorrari is a real innovation to make this idea reality and our Patent application is currently being reviewed by the European Patent Office.


SONORRARI translates any Sound or Music into the corresponding physical vibrations. If you play a simple frequency (e.g. the Tok-Tok-Tok of a metronome) then a simple frequency vibration is what you get.


A complex sound pattern (e.g. a song with many instruments playing simultaneously) will result in a complex vibration pattern with several overlaying vibrations - fast and slow, strong and subtle.

As the vibrations are in complete synchrony with the Sounds and Music, Sonorrari actually doubles the sound experience by adding the Touch Sense. A new Dimension of Sound is ready to come into your life.


A whole range of Sounds & Music, have proven to work well using Sonorrari:

Get energized, have fun or feel trance, e.g. with:

  • Techno

  • Psytrance

  • Reggae

  • Pop, R&B

Chill out and feel the flow, e.g. with:

  • Classical music

  • Meditative music

  • Modern classics or chill-out music

Meditate, e.g. with:

  • Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones

  • Nature Sounds as waves or birds

  • Gregorian or Buddhist chants

  • Singing bowls, didgeridoo or piano


SONORRARI Sound Sensation is a technology which is both, far more effective and much cheaper than available products and thereby opens up the Sound Sensation experience to a large number of users


SONORRARI’s high effectiveness is achieved by targeting the nerve centers of the human body: the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and various positions on the belly, chest and back. Most effectively the solar plexus maybe be targeted, the hip bone or ribs (to achieve bone conduction to many parts of the body) or the spine (to attain a close connection to the brain). 

Both low and high sounds are well conveyed by the Sonorrari Modules and thereby allow a wholesome sound experience. Depending on the sounds played and the preferences of the user, volume, bass and treble can be regulated to ensure a pleasant experience.


That’s why Sonorrari works almost for everybody: After only 10 minutes of testing, 26% of users rated the Sound Sensation experience as “amazing” and another “44%” thought it was “good”. And the longer you use it, the stronger the experience becomes ...