The SONORRARI project has been carried out by the SONORRARI Team, operating from  Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane and Berlin. Registered in Berlin, Germany.

The beginning

Music and other sounds can evoke feelings, lift our moods, inspire creativity and help us focus. Many believe that the power of sound can heal and support personal development.


In the last 50 years, a number of Mind Machines have been on the market, aiming to improve brainwave patters by using frequencies. For many years we had always wondered why these frequencies were not also transmitted to the skin of the body.


After coming up with the very first prototypes and months of experimentation we realized that the tool we had created could not only be used for brainwave entrainment, but also to physically experience any kind of sound with a real “wow”. A long and exciting journey was about to begin …

Cable Maze Version

"Already getting in shape, but still a far way to go”

Monster Version

“This was the very 1st proper prototype”

Ready to sell version

“The finalized Sonorrari 2016”